Leadership Discussion 4

Leadership Discussion 4

What is one action you can take to be more effective as a leader to improve your credibility and influence?

The one action a leader can do to be more effective is to “say what you are going to do and you do what you say” (Miller, 2008). Being up front enables followers to understand what is being done, and then they see that you are capable of following through with the action.  I have had several managers through the years who said they were going to do something, and it never was done. Those managers lost credibility and influence with me, because I came to understand that I could not count on them doing what they said they would do. As Cohen and Bradford (2005) said, “Influence requires considerable relationship building and maintenance.”  It takes time to develop credibility and influence, and even a leader who has credibility and influence with their followers can have trouble if they start to disappoint them. As Lloyd (2011) suggested, if in doubt, a leader would be better off to not “agree to do a task unless you are absolutely certain you will follow through.”

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